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A Crazy Night

I was stuck. Stuck in the middle of thousands of tall, sweaty, loud people who of course all smelled like weed. I stood on my tippy-toes looking above the stage gasping for breath. This was it. Was I going to die? What if I got squeezed to death? The first thing I did was search for Kailee and with just a glance back and fourth we knew we were both terrified and wanted to escape. Then, all of a sudden the ground began to shake and the arena filled with the shouts of, “ARCTIC MONKEYS! ARCTIC MONKEYS! ARCTIC MONKEYS!”

After about 10 minutes of clenching my fists, closing my eyes, and taking deep breaths for survival, the crowd began to settle down and I was filled with pure happiness as I heard the words, “You used to get it in your fishnets.┬áNow you only get it in your night dress….” Kailee and I began to scream every single lyric of course.

The night went on with about the same routine. Trying to survive and escape the mosh pit, screaming every lyric to every song, and falling in love with Alex Turner over and over again. Towards the end of the show we got on the outside of the crowd and decided to go crazy and dance like a typical drunk teenage girl. We ran around the crowd holding onto each others shoulders with uncontrollable adrenaline. We then decided to take a breather and after one or two more songs we headed out.

We (Kailee, two other girls who we carpooled with, and I) walked outside the double doors and the 42 degree air wrapped around us as we shivered in our high waisted shorts and crop tops. We ran to the parking lot as fast as we could singing every song which we heard for the last few hours.

We got to the spot where we parked and it was empty… “Look the car is gone,” I said jokingly, as we assumed we were looking in the wrong spot.

Then with perfect timing, a lady behind us says, “About twenty tow-trucks came by about an hour ago taking everyone’s car.”

“Oh, you’re being sarcastic right?” Kailee says while laughing.

“No not at all, this isn’t a legal parking zone for the concert. You should call Pacific West Towing Company.”

All four of us girls stood there in disbelief. There was no way…

“Did you guys get towed too?!” we hear.

I looked to my right and there stood two tall, scrawny boys with long hair.

After lots of tears, a walk with the two tall boys, fries at Chilly’s to give us comfort, and a trip to Pacific West Towing Company…. we found out the lady wasn’t being sarcastic after all.

We all laughed as we got back into the car telling each other that is was so worth it. The girls searched through their videos and pictures from the concert as I sat in the back thinking to myself about how for a few hours I had forgotten about AP classes, sports, work, and drama. What an amazing, but crazy night.

Just remember, stay as far away from a mosh pit as possible and $20 for parking is totally worth it.